Bonnet type freezers M800SF


Bonnet type freezer M800SF with a combined plastic and aluminium profile – is highly efficient commercial equipment with modern design, large exposure volume, practical and easy in use. The model is perfectly suited for stores, supermarkets for storage and sale of frozen products – meat, fish, semi-finished products, ice cream, frozen berries and vegetables, etc.

The peculiarity of this model is an improved construction of a frame. Hermetically sealed, with aluminium profile, developed by REHAU engineers, it ensures the vacuum tightness of the freezer and guarantees long-term performance. The units are equipped with curved glass lids and energy-saving built-in LED strips, which minimize the risk of damaging and optimize product loading.
You may choose a configuration for M800SF due to trading space of a store, either using it as a separate unit or assembling a line.
Wide color range allows complementing an individual style of your store.
This bonnet type freezer is energy-efficient and operates at ambient temperatures up to +35°C.


  • Branding and lamination
  • Hanging advertising board
  • Decorative protective panels
  • Painting according to RAL system
Dimensions M800SF
Length 1909 mm
Width 812 mm
Height 930 mm
Net weight 103 kg
Technical data
Gross volume 855
Net volume 603
Climate class 7
Recommended operational ambient temperature +16...+35 °C
Operating temperature range -14...-23 °C
Refrigerant type
Refrigerant R290
CO₂ 0,00 t
Refrigerant quantity 0,080 kg
Electrical data
Current consumption 4,0 A
Energy consumption 5,9 kW/24h
Voltage / Frequency 220-240/50 V/Hz
Basic configuration
Baskets 6 pcs
Castors 5 pcs
Lock 1 pcs

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