Display freezer with curved glass M400G


Interesting and practical decision for the outlet where the customer service policy and trade organization does not allow self-service. The principal difference between this model and other display freezers - solid glass lid - which provides excellent visibility of the goods. Such display freezer with lift-up glass lid can be perfectly used outside sales where it can be located next to the shop and still be is under the seller's supervision.

  • Equipped with remote control lock which provides 100% control over the freezer
  • Easy access and nice product visibility
  • OPTIONS: Digital termometer,  branding , LED lightining
Dimensions M400G
Length 1216 mm
Width 735 mm
Height 951 mm
Technical data
Gross volume 420
Net volume 340
Climate class 7
Recommended operational ambient temperature +16...+35 °C
Operating temperature range -14...-23 °C
Refrigerant type
Refrigerant R452a/ R290
CO₂ 0,34 t / 0,00 t
Refrigerant quantity 0,16 kg / 0,075 kg
Electrical data
Current consumption 1,4 А // 1,3 А
Energy consumption 4,5 kW/24h // 3,6 kW/24h
Voltage / Frequency 220-240/50 V/Hz
Basic configuration
Baskets 5 pcs
Castors 4 pcs
Lock 1 pcs
Other data
Net weight 75 kg
Maximym load for 1 basket 10 kg

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