Display freezer with curved glass Mid-temperature mode N200-600S


High capacity Excellent product visibility Low energy consumption Cabinet top frame is made of shock resistant ABS plastic whith PMMA layer Strong castors ensure smooth and more comfortable movement Maintenance-free refrigeration unit OPTIONS: LED lighting, Digital termometer, advertising box, branding

Length806 mm1016 mm1216 mm1436 mm1656 mm
Width661 mm661 mm661 mm661 mm661 mm
Height940 mm940 mm940 mm940 mm940 mm
Technical data
Gross volume247 l333 l416 l 506 l597 l
Net volume185 l252 l316 l387 l458 l
Climate class77777
Recommended operational ambient temperature+16...+35 °C+16...+35 °C+16...+35 °C+16...+35 °C+16...+35 °C
Operating temperature range-5...+5 °C-5...+5 °C-5...+5 °C-5...+5 °C-5...+5 °C
Refrigerant type
CO₂0,00 t0,00 t0,00 t0,00 t0,00 t
Refrigerant quantity0,085 kg0,088 kg0,09 kg0,11 kg0,110 kg
Electrical data
Current consumption0,8 А 0,9 А1,1 А1,2 А1,25 А
Energy consumption1,15 kW/24h1,4 kW/24h
1,7 kW/24h
1,9 kW/24h
2,3 kW/24h
Voltage / Frequency220-240/50 V/Hz220-240/50 V/Hz220-240/50 V/Hz220-240/50 V/Hz220-240/50 V/Hz
Basic configuration
Baskets3 pcs4 pcs5 pcs6 pcs7 pcs
Castors4 pcs4 pcs4 pcs4 pcs5 pcs
Lock1 pcs
1 pcs
1 pcs
1 pcs
1 pcs

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