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for soft ice cream M12Q


New model range of Q series for gelato. It is characterized by low energy consumption, exclusive design, unusually extended product visibility, eliminated possibility of condensation of moisture on the glass, application of eco-friendly refrigerant R290.

  • Operation in conditions of the climatic class 7
  • Exclusive design
  • Extended product visibility
  • Low power consumption
  • Simplicity and ease of maintenance
  • Possibility of manufacturing the equipment as GREEN LINE version
  • Tubular type condenser
  • ІSO COMFORT class low-e double-glass lids with a number of qualitative glass features 
  • OPTIONS: branding, LED lighting
Dimensions M12Q
Length 1162 mm
Width 906 mm
Height 1248 mm
Net weight 104 kg
Technical data
Gross volume 610 l
Net volume285 l
Climate class 7
Recommended operational ambient temperature +16...+35 °C
Operating temperature range -14...-23 °C
Refrigerant type
CO₂0,00 t
Refrigerant quantity0,09 kg
Electrical data
Current consumption1,7 A
Energy consumption4,1 kW/24h
Voltage / Frequency 220-240/50 V/Hz
Basic configuration
Containers/ice-cream flavours
12 pcs
Castors 4 pcs

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